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PACSys (PTY) Ltd is a farmer-owned organisation established in 2016 to research, develop and distribute economical precision agricultural technologies (both hardware and software), tailored to increase farming efficiencies and ultimately profits at all levels.

In a steadily advancing technological landscape, it is difficult for farmers to know which technologies will best suit their requirements and budgets. PACSys aims to provide some direction in this space



PACSys is an approved distributor of DJI’s range of AGRAS crop spraying products and accessories, throughout the Southern African Development Community (SADC). DJI is the world’s leading drone hardware & software manufacturer and their significant investment in agricultural research & development is especially exciting for the industry. The AGRAS MG-1P crop spraying drone, DJI’s third version crop spraying drone in just as many years, is another massive leap forward for the industry.


PACSys facilitates professional drone surveys, including crop health / productivity assessments and 3D drainage modeling for new crop establishment / irrigation planning. All data is uploaded into the Aerobotics Aeroview system which is available online as well as on your smart devices for in-field scouting missions. In-house agronomists are available to assist with interpretation of the data and formulation of remedial programs.


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